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Kanshi City

Take back control of a Tokyo-inspired city from corrupted robots. · By midnightpacific


Recent updates

Dev Blog #7
Welcome to our seventh development blog. We’ll first cover everything we have done since the last blog and then speak briefly about our plans moving forward.W...
Dev Blog #6
Welcome to our fifth development blog. This will be more just a recap of recent screenshots and videos we have posted on our Twitter etc. as we have just been b...
Dev Blog #5
Welcome to our fifth development blog. Things have been relatively quiet since the last blog which was a big one showing our time at Resonate 2017. In relation...
Dev Blog #4 - Games Convention Booth
Welcome to our fourth development blog. This is a special one. This month we took Kanshi City to Insomnia X Resonate, a games festival at the SECC in Glasgow, S...
Dev Blog #3
Welcome to our third development blog. We were busy over the last week with new features and bug fixes. I wrote up a plan for the game some months ago dating th...
Dev Blog #2
Here is the second Kanshi City development blog. It has been a month since the last one which is a little long. I had a week holiday in Venice during the past m...
Dev Blog #1
Welcome to the first development blog for Kanshi City. We got a lot done in the last week. The first thing I wanted was a very quick look into making glowing/em...
First blog post
Hello and welcome. This is the first blog post on our itch page, here is a quick rundown of who we are: Midnight Pacific is an independent game development stud...

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